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How can I prove that I have made a submission?

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Last updated / Diweddarwyd: 12 Feb, 2015
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Evidencing your Submission, Turnitin submission ID’s and digital receipts.

Having submitted your assignment, you will land on a confirmatory receipt page; at the bottom of which (you may need to scroll down to see it) you should find your Submission ID. This is an 8 digit number. You should take a note of this number as it is the only evidence you will have for your submission at this point. Write it down, or, you could take a screenshot of the page and save that.

[image here]

Whilst you should receive an e-mailed receipt from the system, if this is late or does not appear, you would still need your paper number if you needed to evidence your submission.

If no receipt appears on the screen, you should not assume your submission has been accepted. If you believe you have had a problem, contact IT support in the main catalogue hall of the library for further help. If you cannot physically attend phone ext. 5060, or 295060 if outside of campus

If you click “Return to assignment list” and click on “view”, a new window will pop up, showing your assignment in the document viewer. In the bottom bar of this window you will see a printer Icon, clicking this will bring up a choice of three options, you need to select “Download PDF of Digital Receipt for printing”.

Choose whether to open or save the file. To print, open the file and click the printer Icon at the top of the screen then OK the print request box to send your receipt to the printer.

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