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Tips for using Blackboard Mobile Apps

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Last updated / Diweddarwyd: 04 Apr, 2014
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We will add new tips for using Blackboard Mobile Learn as we find them - if you have a tip which you think may be useful please email so that we can consider using it here.


By default the Blackboard Learn app shows every course, or organisation, you are enrolled on.  This means that the previous year's modules come first in the list which is not very convenient for daily use

You can now edit or reorder your list so that you only see what you want to see and in the order you prefer. The instructions below are shown for Android but similar procedures will apply for iOS (they may not work in Blackberry app)

(There is no Welsh version of the App so images are in English though content and titles for any Welsh modules will appear in Welsh)

First Click on the edit button above the list

Alongside each module are some edit controls
(see image on right) which allow you to hide modules from the main list, change the colour of the link and drag them up and down in the list. When you are done just click the tick at the top of the page to save and return to the list which will now be changed to your preferences.  Even though you hide something you can still go back into this edit screen later and use the same control to un-hide it.

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