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Batch adding students to groups

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Last updated / Diweddarwyd: 25 Mar, 2015
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This article assumes that you have already created groups in blackboard - if not click here first

When you create a manual enrol group, or group set, you have the opportunity to add students one by one during the creation process. You can also add them one by one by going in and editing the group.  This is not always the easiest way to add students because the add dialogue only shows you names (not student number) so it can be confusing if there are similar names, also if you have a large group of students to add manually it can be very time confusing and easy to make errors.  There is a third party building block tool which allows you to add all your students to their groups from a single file upload.  Here are the steps

  1. If you have not already done so create Groups or Group Sets in Blackboard and make a careful note of the name you give each group.
  2. Next you need to create the list - this is done outside of Blackboard using a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.  Open Excel and create a list showing student number (or staff ID if you are adding staff as well)  in column A and The name of the groups in column B  - DO NOT USE HEADERS OR PUT ANYTHING IN ANY OTHER CELLS
    (NB the group names must exactly match the group names in Blackboard)

  3. Then use the SAVE AS option from the file menu in Excel (in Excel 2007 you click the big button at the left of the toolbar) - in the save as dialogue - enter a file name then just click in the Save as Type box and hit the letter "c" which should by default bring up CSV file - then save -  Note you will have to answer "YES" to two pop warning boxes before it saves
    (NB you can add students to multiple groups in one spreadsheet you dont need to create a spreadsheet for each group - though you can do this if you prefer)

  4. Click on Users and Groups from within the Control Panel, and select Groups:

  5. From the screen that appears, you will need to click on the Import button:

  6. Click on the Browse My Computer link in the Import Group Members section, and navigate to find your csv file:

After the file uploads you will be taken to a results page which will show any that may have failed.  If you get errors like this you can either go back, correct the CSV file and re-upload it (the ones you already added will fail but the corrected one should succeed) or probably more quickly you can add the appropriate student manually through the group's edit screen

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