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How do I make groups available to students?

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Last updated / Diweddarwyd: 24 Mar, 2015
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This article assumes that you have already created some groups - if you are not sure how to do this click here first

By default groups should be accessible from the menu item Course Tools - however there are many other things available here and so it is not the logical place for students to look for say a sign up list.  Also some lecturers decide not to display the course tools menu item in the first place.  We recommend that you set up a link to the groups (and by default any sign up lists) either as a new Menu item or as a link on a page within a content area:

New Menu Item

First Click the blue + button at the top of the main course menu.  This will open a context menu from which you need to select Create Tool link. 

You will then be prompted to give the menu item a name, choose the tool type, and decide whether you want it to be available to users:

   details for adding tool link

The new menu item will automatically be added to the bottom of the menu so you can drag it to your preferred position.

Create a Link

You can also create a link on any content page in Blackboard by using the blue Tools button at the top of any content area and selecting Groups from the list:

Wherever you decide to place the link make sure to tell your students where to look for it

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How can I create groups and sign up lists in Blackboard     Batch adding students to groups

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